Petra Fornayová_Seven Seconds_We Are All Lichens
work-in-progress public presentation
Telocvicna, Nova Cvernovka, March 15, 2024, 6pm
According to the research of neuroscientists, most of the time we function in routine activities, which are defined by inertia and repetition of usual patterns. If the formulas stop working, they need to be changed. A person fully and continuously concentrates on reflection for an average of only seven seconds. If he reflects reality in dialogue, he is able to concentrate for sixty minutes. The effectiveness of reflection depends on the form we choose for it.
Thank you for the support:
The development of the stage work was supported from public resources by the Slovak Art Fund.
The project was supported by the Bratislava Self-governing Region, by Telocvicna and by KC Modra.