videoinstallation on texts of Plato - Seventh Letter and music of Martin Burlas - Record of the Sevent Day 

full record:

Concept, interpretation, selection of texts: Petra Fornayová

Music: Martin Burlas_Record of the Seventh Day

Interpretation by VENI ACADEMY Selection of texts from the work: Plato_Letters / Seventh Letter

Video, editing, sound: Ambróz Šulej

Thanks for help: Peter Šulej, Iveta Konýčková, Adam Hanuljak, Žofia Dvořáková

The creation of the performance was supported by the Art Support Fund from public sources.


Martin Burlas composed the song Record of the Seventh Day in response to the unflattering political situation in Slovakia in the 1990s. Plato's texts responded to the government crisis in Syracuse in the 4th century BC. The performance Seventh Day has been created at a time when we are experiencing a crisis again, and not just a political one. Seventh day is a symbol for exhalation, leaving, ending the cycle. It is a border day that heralds a new week, but despite the peace, it contains the tension of an expected start.