collage Žofia Dvořáková 

Will the pilgrimage purge our lives? What all must be sacrificed for the spiritual freedom?
We are witnessing the finale of an extremely strenuous pilgrimage.
Two female pilgrims share with us authentic experiences from a trip sponsored by a multinational corporation whose acts of kindness have no bounds. But the point is - for whose sake...

Concept, texts, direction: Petra Fornayová

Acting: Monika Haasová, Heidi Šinková and others

Dramaturgy: Peter Šulej

Props: Matej Gavula

Video and streaming visuals: Jakub Pišek

Fotoediting: Žofia Dvořáková

Translation of the lyrics: Mária Modrovich

Jingle: Ambróz Šulej

Poster visual: Simon Jeništa

Production: Príchod Godota, o.z. 

Premiere: Oct 31, 2022, Studio 12, Bratislava

Supported by the Slovak Arts Council, Bratislava Self-Governing Region, Bratislava City Foundation